Teachers : Portfolio

Teacher’s Dossier

When we start working as a teacher, often we forget to record our progress. We do know that we learn every time we enter a classroom.Every academic year, we strive towards excellence. We set standards that are on par with professionals from the corporate world.

And ,we do this without expectations or incentives. We love the profession and we are here because we believe that we make a difference

You can list the following and keep updating your list every month:

Knowledge Bank

a) Courses you took up – courses online,a Degree that you obtained after you started working etc

b) Books you read – any book that you completed reading and that has added value to your learning 


Awards or Recognition for teachers is rare and you need to document this with the description of who,when and for what you got the award.

A note of appreciation from the Management or the School Head can also be entered.

Testimonials – students/parents/peer

Students’ testimonials,gratitude note from parents or peers are something we cherish. 

Professional Development

Workshops you attended /conducted 

If you conduct workshops,record the session and the feedback you receive from the participants.

If you attend workshops,describe your learning and reflection.

Innovative Teaching

a) Classroom activities – Record any new activity that you have planned

b) Students Assessments – Thinking of a different assessment?Add that to your dossier

c) Reflection – Your Reflection, Students’ responses – We take classes with the best of intentions – did the class go as per your expectation?Write down your reflection and if students receive your ideas well,make a note of that as well.

Snapshot – If all this seems like too much work,an excel sheet can be used to create a snapshot of your portfolio.Or you can use this Power point template : Portfolio

Go ahead !Feel proud of all that you have done for every child, what you do makes the world a better place!

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