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We all look at new resources that are simple, unique and interesting. Look out for such resources in this section. The lesson plans/resources are only suggestive – feel free to modify and create your own, based on the interests of your children. One request – do share your feedback and if you use any of these resources, am truly grateful to have supported your learning in some way. Share your experience and let’s build excellent classroom experiences!!
“A well prepared teacher is a source of eternal joyful learning for his /her students ” – journaljotting 
Here are resources in a pdf format : Just click on the links (in colour)


Lesson plans 

Please click on the links below for some creative ideas to take this to your classrooms.

Activity based lesson plans

Click on the text in red to view the lesson plans.

1.Mindfulness is a valuable tool that we can use in our classrooms.

Lesson Plan – Mindfulness

2.Empathy is a trait we can cultivate in our students.

Empathy  – How to inculcate empathy in children?

 3.How will the world be a happy place?Is it an Utopian dream?Check out this lesson plan on Bhutan,a beautiful country that emphasizes upon Gross National Happiness.

Happiness – This discusses about Bhutan and Gross National Happiness
Information based lesson plans

1.Children should understand the role played by pollinators like bees.

2.There is mathematics in the way bees build honeycombs – click on this informative post to know more :


Using Natural Materials to Play and LearnWe have never lost our innate ability to connect to Nature and natural materials.This ability is instinctive but is masked by the veil of urban clutter and we begin to think that all that is packaged well is what is good for us.


Discussion on the usage of plastics

Plastics are used extensively and the plastic disposal problem is a difficult conundrum.How do we solve this?Initiate discussions around when did plastic become commercially available.And another interesting question,”How was life before plastic?”.

Natural MaterialsHow was Life before Plastic

Using Folk Stories to LearnShare your folk story in the comment section.You can then take students on a story trip to all the places! Encourage children to maintain a story journal.Please do share your classroom experience if you implement this activity.Happy Folktaling 🙂

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