Creating Safe Spaces

Safe spaces in Schools

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If you are the class teacher,you are in complete charge of your class.It is interesting and maybe overwhelming to be handling all the students as a class teacher.When you set rules in a creative way ,your students become more receptive.

Here are nine, simple ways to create safe spaces in your class,as a class, that you can implement right away!!

  1. Meditation Room – Designing a space for meditation is simple. The room should be well ventilated and pleasant. Invest in grass mats or fabric mats for seating. You can have lamps, Buddha artwork, mandala or any spiritual symbol that the school believes in. The emphasis is on spirituality, rather than religion.
  2. Walking Barefoot – Identify any one class during the day when students can walk barefoot. Walking barefoot deepens the connection we share with earth. This can be in a meditative manner or as a brisk game.
  3. Walking in a straight line first and then making pattern along the way – this can be tried out with small groups of students.
  4. The power of silence – make this as a short activity of say 6- 7 minutes. Draw a bell and pretend to ring to indicate silence. Or write SILENCE in bold on the board and erase letter by letter slowly as the class becomes silent.
  5. Using natural objects to create art –collecting natural objects make students more observant and help them to make sensible choices when they buy materials for artworks
  6. A warm greeting – A warm greeting establishes a good rapport instantly
  7. Expressing gratitude – It is best to focus on life’s blessings. Gratitude cards, gratitude jar, notes on the wall are few ways to show gratitude. This will make students appreciate the learning and life.
  8. Practice mindful eating at least once a week, as a class. It is fun and students relish the food better
  9. Making a student “motivational speaker “– Have students pick up names from a carton/basket. The name of the student that comes up becomes the motivational speaker for the next day. Students can speak for 3-5 minutes, to motivate the others in their class.

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