Gratitude Journaling – A Note

Dear All

Combine gratitude and journaling practice to get a powerful hold on the reality, purpose of life with clarity.

Consider this prompt any time of the day, “How is the day progressing? What am I grateful for now?”. Pause. Reflect and journal your reflection, your thoughts and feel better, for the rest of the day. The words that you have in your mind gain or lose significance based on your emotions when you write. It takes a different form when you draw and add colours. It frees up mind clutter and brings in clarity. With this clarity, the next time you have a conversation, you light up that space.

With gratitude ,I am sharing my good friend’s journal page.

Gratitude Journal Page ,Neha Utmani

It is heartening to see many wonderful people sharing their pages with me. This practice is growing slowly and steadily ,creating a better world for all of us!

I call it the Gratitude Mo(v)ement!

With much gratitude


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