New to Teaching?

When I stepped into the teacher’s shoes more than a decade ago, I was nervous and had to figure out most things. Now there’s no looking back. Yet I know that it will really boost your morale to know there’s someone to support you on this incredible journey. So here we are congratulating you on your career choice and guiding you as you progress.

If you are new to teaching and are waiting for the academic year to begin, there are plenty of resources on this website that will help you create great classroom experiences.

Five practical to do steps :

a)Preparation is important – the more prepared you are, the more confident you feel. If you are nervous about talking to a group of students, practice talking aloud in front of the mirror.

b)Wear comfortable clothes. If you are attire is comfortable, you will feel good

c)I was told to maintain a strict face when I entered the classroom the first time. Nothing could be more wrong than this piece of advice. Go with a warm smile and greet students enthusiastically – it is your first connect with students.

Watch this: Greeting children

d)Give a short introduction about yourself, if you feel like it. You can then ask students to introduce themselves in a unique way. For instance, “I am Govind and I love playing basketball”.This will help you remember at least some of the students, especially if their responses are interesting. Do this only if you have the time to spare else you can dive into your subject, right after introducing yourself

e)Devote the last five minutes of your class for interaction. You can prepare for your next class, depending upon this interaction. I was very reluctant to admit “I don’t know” to any student. I would feel guilty about not knowing something that a child seemed to know. Now I know better. It is okay to say that you don’t know and will find out when posed with a question for which you do not know the answer.

There are other simple strategies: walk around the class as you teach, use the black/whiteboard/screen as you explain. Pause to make sure students are being attentive.

Browse through: – this link has creative ideas that you can take to your classrooms.

The link:  has activities that support your well being.

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