While there is so much stress(ful!) on effective communication, the art of small talk and so much around “TALKING”, I decided to give communication a break in my entrepreneurship offline class (emphasising on “offline” as these days we need to be clear whether it was an online or an offline session as online sessions, many … Continue reading THE ART OF SILENCE

Energy and its Power

Connecting classroom teaching to the ‘self’ What is energy? Energy is the capacity for doing work. Energy is conserved, which means it can change from one form to another. There are many different types of energy, such as kinetic energy, potential energy, light, sound, and nuclear energy. In simple terms, all bodies possess either kinetic … Continue reading Energy and its Power

Butterflies in the Stomach

‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn’. Quote by Alvin Toffler (He was a futurologist) These words proved to be the need of the hour when the pandemic halted normalcy. Educational institutions were also affected as one could not … Continue reading Butterflies in the Stomach

Life n Living – Part 6

Life ‘n’ Living series is a treasure that brings to the fore many wonderful, creative souls who are passionate about their work and all that they do. We often look at the outside world for role models but if we look around, there are so many inspiring people who are constantly working upon themselves and … Continue reading Life n Living – Part 6

Life n Living – Part 5

When I started writing about Life ’n’ Living, I did not imagine the kind of wonderful experiences I will have when interviewing soulful people, people who are adding beauty and goodness in the world because they work with singular focus. They are people who understand that life is a gift and so they enjoy their … Continue reading Life n Living – Part 5

Beat Plastic Pollution

Conversations around environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever. I was just telling my students last week that becoming completely  eco-friendly will be the only way out pretty soon.