Goodness Grows!

Imagine a life filled with positive thoughts and wonderful experiences every day of your life. Is that even remotely possible, you may well think? What if we believe that it is possible to live a life of goodness and refuse to believe otherwise? For this to happen, what are the hurdles? Circumstances? Lack of time? No motivation? Okay, what’s the point?

There is a deluge of information that our minds process every day. Let’s sift through some of the information – do you notice the clutter? The information that does nothing to help us and ‘that’ news that is probably making us feel helpless, lost, frustrated, bewildered and making us believe that there really is no goodness or humanity left in this world?

Children are often turning to the virtual world for practically every problem or task, and to beat boredom. As adults we can be aware of our thoughts that we might interact with children and our ‘self’ better.

One simple way is to share good news, the little moments that gives joy to you and all those around you – your child has found a good friend – celebrate! you had an incentive for the work you did – celebrate! you had unexpected guests at home that made you happy – share your happiness.

Share good news, good vibes, stories of people who make a difference in others’ lives, smile more often, attend weddings, have a good sense of humour, do not take criticisms personally, do at least one thing you really enjoy -share your work, inspire others by what you do. Observe and appreciate any kind gesture and reciprocate. And see how goodness grows! There will be difficult days, hard days, challenging times but these are just phases. Your positive vibes can create an armour that negativity will find it tough to pierce through.

Illustration by Francois Lange,
Illustration by Francois Lange,

Next time you post something, share something on WhatsApp, FB, chat groups or talk to people, serve with generous portions of goodness. What you share can create ripples of positivity and you will see goodness grow, in your lifetime!

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