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Journal Muse is a platform for anyone interested in simple self care practices. There’s a special section devoted to educators and gratitude. The educators’ section has simple, unique resources that you can use in your classrooms or as a supplement to your self care routine.



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My Ikigai

An Effort. For Prof.Kaul and Mrs.Kaul, after a hectic career, retirement came as a boon. However, rest was not to be an option and, our minds wandered in search of some useful occupation and Lo! Behold! we soon got it as said , ‘Seek and you shall find.’.Delhi – where we settled had several opportunities … Continue reading My Ikigai

Goodness Grows!

Imagine a life filled with positive thoughts and wonderful experiences every day of your life. Is that even remotely possible, you may well think? What if we believe that it is possible to live a life of goodness and refuse to believe otherwise? For this to happen, what are the hurdles? Circumstances? Lack of time? … Continue reading Goodness Grows!

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