Gratitude is a simple yet powerful practice to experience life’s everyday moments.
Combine gratitude with a journaling practice to strengthen life’s
good experiences and appreciate all the blessings that life presents.


Since the pandemic, I have been able to experience and relish the powerful practice of Gratitude Journaling Sessions. I am grateful to Jayanthi for providing an opportunity to practice the sessions with my cousins and relatives in India. The sessions not only helped me feel blessed for a deep-rooted family connection, it also opened an array of energy within me.

First and foremost, it has allowed me to self reflect, self-care, and be empathetic.

Gratitude towards nature practice allowed me to revive my passion, not just drawing, but also painting, meditation, and gardening. I have become more observant of Mother Nature and learn everyday to be resilient & adaptable to the adverse conditions presented in our life.

Gratitude towards people has awakened in me a sense of community and “give back” attitude.  

Gratitude journaling has ripple effects and rewards- it unlocks awareness within you and spreads radiance to the outside world! I would encourage you to try a variety of Gratitude Journaling Sessions by Jayanthi- practice and share/spread the joy to others!  

Dr. SV Yamuna, Toronto


Join educator Jayanthi Sridhar for a series of gratitude sessions aimed at helping you understand yourself better, and in helping you lead a balanced life! We will focus on Self Care, happiness, empathy, mindfulness and much more!

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