These are a few printable sheets that you can use. Hope these are useful. Do drop your comments, if you do use any of these. I shall be adding more pages to this section. Please click on the colored text link to open up pdf documents.
Story Time
How often do we read stories that are set in an Indian context?This is a collection of seven,simple short stories that you can read out to your child/student.It is appropriate for Grades 3 & 4.Spin your own too:)
Index  : This is a list of the stories
Manuscript : And here are the simple,short stories
Reflection Notes – Our classroom experiences make us reflect – often we do not have something handy to jot down our experience. Use this sheet to note your reflection/observations, after the class.

Worksheet 1 – A simple paragraph completion task, with a prompt that should lead to vivid imaginative journaling. Suitable for Grades 6 & 7.


Worksheet 2 – Spinning a story, with a visual cue and with a friend. Should be fun for 12 years old


Daily Planner – We can all use this. Let Nature inspire us every day of the week.

Printables from other sites

There are several sites that offer free printables. Take your pick, depending on what you need:

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Note : This blog is a collaborative effort to support educators and anyone interested in education, across the world.

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