Migration – A Creative Session

Neha G  Utmani is a Visual art facilitator who believes in teaching children to create an everlasting impact. She has a rich experience of several years in working with children. The session plan below is structured and facilitated by Neha G Utmani – Visual Art and Art Appreciation facilitator for EY, PYP, and MS atContinue reading “Migration – A Creative Session”

Book 1: Tuesdays With Morrie

Originally published on this blog : https://bookslockdown.blogspot.com/2020/06/book-1-tuesdays-with-morrie.html by Smitha Ravindran Book 1: Tuesdays With Morrie Author : Mitch Albom Genre: Memoir Tone: Inspiring Published: 1997 Why I chose this book: I had first come across this book in 2002.All of 26 , and heavily pregnant I neither had the maturity or the motivation to scan throughContinue reading “Book 1: Tuesdays With Morrie”


You are working day and night , cleaning,cooking,checking out if everything’s alright with everyone you know and taking online classes – you are unstoppable,right?You need to slow down few minutes too,and spend quiet time with the person you have grown up with – YOU,yes you need not be in the ‘human doing’ mode all theContinue reading “TAKE A BREAK….”

Changes in the Learning Landscape

Schools will reopen to new ways of learning, post the COVID -19. Online learning is a welcome change for some, but for most, school time and a regular routine imply safer times. There are unpredictable changes and the way each of us respond is giving insights into our progress as a civilization. This means changesContinue reading “Changes in the Learning Landscape”

Teachers’ Lounge

Teachers are professionals.Be it elementary,middle,high or senior school or any organisation that works with children,the demands on a teacher are high.Teachers are expected to work like their corporate counterparts. I am fortunate to work in a private school that offers a warm ambiance – private work space,clean washrooms,coffee machine,microwave and the works!I feel sad thoughContinue reading “Teachers’ Lounge”

Teacher’s Story

Happy to be a seed planter… It is heartening to look back at the huge learning through the years of teaching across academic calendars and grades as an English language facilitator. The English language has its own twists and idiosyncrasies and to make each class meaningful and interesting is sometimes an arduous task especially withContinue reading “Teacher’s Story”

Family First!

There is a huge change in children’s behavior of late.There is a lot more happening in the background though,in their homes.There is an upsurge in the number of people working in the Corporate Sector,MNCs specifically.I am all for progress and societal empowerment.Better pay,more perks,more travel and parties with drinks on the house are part ofContinue reading “Family First!”