Namaste!Am truly delighted that you are here!!!

Education is an exciting field.

We do need support to give our best and be our authentic, enthusiastic self. It is trying and fun at the same time!! Where else would we meet tomorrow? The children we teach every day is the ‘tomorrow’. It is with that great sense of responsibility and pride we step into the teaching profession.

What is this website all about,you might ask.There is plenty of knowledge-based sources online. My intention here is to provide or rather talk about working on our ‘self’.

The more we work on our ‘selves’ ,the better impact we create. We can then create a positive influence in every interaction we make!

journal jotting

I am an educator with more than a decade of experience. Being earth sensitive, working on self and connecting children to mindfulness and Nature, apart from taking ICT classes, is what I enjoy the most.

I am also on a journey like you. And sharing, supporting you on your profession as a teacher is truly a privilege.

Browse through the posts. There are some resources on specific topics under the ‘Resources’ section. And if you wish to contribute, do click on ‘Contribute.’

Hope this site is useful or triggers an inspiration latent in you! Together, let’s work for tomorrow!

In gratitude

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