Life ‘n’ Living – Part 7

Life ‘n’ Living is an attempt to show glimpses of extraordinary people who have created happiness and a sense of harmony within and around them, making the world a more peaceful one by living their inspirational journey – the journey of life!


Maushumi Thakurta Nag, an enterprising ,award winning entrepreneur, founder of MrilQ -a brand known for its all natural skin and hair care products, a one stop store for the wellness, wellbeing and good health of everyone. She is qualified as an aesthetician & lymphologist. She shares her story in this short interview.

1.When did you begin your journey as a herbalist?

It was in late 2010, while I was recovering from a serious illness, that I started looking at herbs from a totally different perspective & respect.

The active components in the plants intrigued me, and thus started my journey as a herbalist & wellnesspreneur.

2.What is fascinating about herbs and Ayurveda?

Whenever my tummy hurt, my mom used to give me these small homeopathic pills. I loved them and feigned stomach pain even after getting cured. As I started growing up, I became extremely curious about homeopathic medicines where these sweet pills could cure bad stomach aches to huge bumps on the forehead.

Google was non existent those days.

My doctor told me that the active components in the pills are obtained from plants and flowers. It was beyond my understanding as to how could those pretty flowers heal a bad stomach ache!

As time passed, in the daily work grind I completely forgot about plants & herbs, except appreciating the flowers in my garden early in the morning while having my morning cup of tea. The sight of the lovely flowers brought immense beauty & happiness to me.

As life would have it, everything came to a grinding halt, when I fell sick and was bedridden for three+  years.

I started healing with strong English medications, but they left a bad mark on my “Well Being”.

My body bore the brunt and the side effects of the medication became evident. The face was marked with scars & eruptions, my hair became literally like Jute, in dry patch fields ( I had bald patches). I started looking for solutions for skin & hair in normal allopathic medications as well as alternative medicines ,without much results.

While reading the scriptures, I chanced upon the botanicals – herbs or The Ayurveda.

Initially I had the notion that herbs are “special plants” with medicinal properties. While going through the scriptures ( The Hindu system of healing is based on four eminent compilations of knowledge-Vedas called as Yajur VedaRig VedaSam Veda, and Atharva Veda. The Rig Veda is the most well-known of all the four Vedas and describes 67 plants and 1028 Shlokas. The Atharva Veda and Yajur Veda describe 293 and 81 medicinally useful plants) ,I realized that each plant, each sapling, weed, grass, climber is a herb by itself.

The seed/ endosperm itself is a store house of information with excellent memory management. A dried seed, no matter how old, would bloom into a new plant once plated in soil and watered periodically.

The plant or its part are rich in naturally occurring chemicals (called active compounds). Most of these compounds become active ingredients, once it absorbs the Sun’s rays and passes on this energy to Humans or animals when we consume them, directly or as cooked food. This ENERGY can heal the most complicated machine called THE HUMAN BODY. This fact fascinates me to the core.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the word ayur( meaning life) and Veda( meaning science or knowledge). Thus Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life”. Ayurveda uses a rich knowledge of plants, minerals and animal based products.

In practice, Ayurveda has eight disciplines called as “Äshtanga Ayurveda”. They are Kayachikitsa (internal medicine treatment), Bhootavidya (treatment of psychological disorders), Kaumar Bhritya (pediatric treatment), Rasayana (study of geriatrics), Vajikarana (treatment through aphrodisiacs and eugenics),Shalya (surgical treatment), Shalakya (otorhinolaryngological and ophthalmological treatment), Agada Tantra (toxicological studies).

In Ayurveda it is believed, that a perfect balance between the nature elements and the Tridoshas, of the human body should be maintained for a healthy state of living . Tri Malas ( body waste) and Trayo Dosa Agni ( eg digestive process) should be considered.

Considering the bodily constitution, pathological history, the Dosha characteristics, life style and environmental conditions in an individual’s routine life style, Ayurveda has many treatment strategies for promoting well-being to individuals.

The fact that no two humans are same and each one of us need a separate approach towards healing, is in fact the CORE of Ayurveda. Ayurveda works on ROOT CAUSE of a problem and uproots it from the core. This fascinates me.

3.According to you, what is the difference between wellness and well-being?

Wellness leads to Well-being.

We exercise every day to keep our body agile. We meditate everyday to keep our mind cool and active.

Agile body, with a cool and active mind is a state of “Well-Being” which brings pleasure and satisfaction. To reach this state, the “Acts” of exercise or meditation is done, which are acts of Wellness.

Random acts of kindness gives us a feeling of well being.

Thus “Wellness” is the action and the result is “Well being”

4.What self care routine do you practice? Do you add new practices / change the existing ones if you learn something new?

I practice what I Preach. For me it is important to love & respect oneself before we love others.

The Creator has individually created each one of us with a particular motive in mind. Hence it is extremely important of each one of us to LOVE ONESELF by taking good care of our own self. Then we can help others in their journey.

Life is a continuous “journey and expedition” where the only CONSTANT is CHANGE. Every moment of life is a learning. I always learn and incorporate “New Lessons” as I move ahead  in life.

5.Tell us more about MrilQ and your vision for the company.

MrilQ – originates from the word “Mrinal” meaning lotus, devised keeping “Balance” in mind.

MrilQ is not just a Brand, it’s a Lifestyle, a Wellness System.

The M in MrilQ represents man & Q represents the query, quest or quality, i.e a woman. MrilQ believes in a Wellness System or a regime, that needs to be followed for personal wellbeing. A system, which when followed on daily basis, becomes a Habit or a Routine – the aurvedic term for it is Dinacharya.

MrilQ is pure, gentle, zero wastage, organic & vegan skin & hair care “Herbaceutical” brand.

MrilQ system consists of an application of “ a balanced face wash” followed by the application of Serum oil concentrates to replenish the balanced nutrition to your skin. MrilQ is made with the concept of Masculine & Feminine Herbs for a “Balanced Result”.

Our social media handles share loads of love for people who love a “pure & sustainable lifestyle”

MrilQ in short, is Nature in a box  

You can connect by clicking on any of the links :





Other communities of MrilQ:

Therapeautic Self Massage:

Vision of MrilQ:

To shift the narrative of skin care from Beauty to Health & Wellness

6.What is the minimum time and practice you suggest for busy people?

24 minutes of “Wellness Workout” for 24 hours of physical wellbeing, four days a week- Doable? 😊

Not just positive thinking, but a “Collaborative approach” with the Mind brings awesome “Well Being” results.

It is the application of “Iki-Gai” – a little better than yesterday which brings sure shot results.

Maushumi Thakurta Nag

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