Vision Board


It’s the last month of the year 2018 – and most of us are fond of making new resolutions for the new year or maybe, re work on our old resolutions, our ‘old’ selves. We all accept this underlying fact -change is a constant.How different and wonderful will it be if we envision beautiful changes in a creative way ! We can first attempt this and then share it with students. All of us are aware of the stress, the unwanted pressure that students are exposed to. We can probably offer this as a tool to mitigate that stress .Students can make their imagination to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Here are few prompts – you can cut these / write down :









Quiet time





These are just few prompts – you can create a positive affirmation vision board with these words.

Notes to self  for the New Year – sample vision board
This is a simple vision board. You can make a large or a small board. You can use pictures or photos of yourself or the places that you want to see. The possibilities are many -this is a great learning tool for students as well to cope with stress and enjoy life. 
There are many online resources  and few sites that sell vision boards. But I think the best way is to make your own – keep the design simple or funky – it’s your creativity at work 🙂

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