One of the books that I read last year was ‘Totochan’.This really made me enter a fantasy world that is magical,where learning is super fun and exciting!!

If you are not familiar with the story,just click on this

When I read Totochan the first time, I thought that it was really cool to have classrooms inside a train. Now I read articles where this has happened in a Government school.

Here the school has turned old coaches to neat classrooms. Amazing, isn’t it?

A new school in Mysore has become the first to use old train carriages creatively as classrooms. A school that was struggling to retain students due to poor quality classrooms has been brought back to life by painting train carriages. The Ashokapuram primary school in Mysore will now stay open thanks to the novel way the school now teaches its students.

Trains always fascinate children.Every child must take few train journeys every year.It is sad that many parents prefer taking the flight or drive, even for short journeys.

Try travelling by the train with your students,or your families and connect with people and Nature,just a bit more!

Bring the train / engine fun to the classroom.Here’s another story that you can read out to elementary school children:

Or you can show this movie :

You can use the idea of a train in so many ways !!A train classroom , a poem , a story,a school garden, a song , a game ,as a resource to learn about different,beautiful places in the world,and more!!

Do send your version,if you use any of these ideas!

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