Teachers’ Lounge

Teachers are professionals.Be it elementary,middle,high or senior school or any organisation that works with children,the demands on a teacher are high.Teachers are expected to work like their corporate counterparts.

I am fortunate to work in a private school that offers a warm ambiance – private work space, clean washrooms, coffee machine, microwave and the works! I feel sad though when I see or hear about unclean washrooms, small staff rooms and overload of classes thrust on teachers.

How about an exclusive Teachers’ Lounge?I have written about meditation space for teachers and students in my earlier post.Teachers’ Lounge can include this and more!

Image by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

Few ideas :

Space to play a sport

Yoga / Meditation with floor mats

Magazines / Book corner

Art nook

Tech zone – laptops / computers to see informative videos,earphones to listen to podcasts

Herb garden or space that sets the ambiance for informal conversations

Does this idea sound far fetched? There are few schools that have a teachers’ lounge. It might become the norm this decade:)

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