Simple Ways to Take Care of your ‘Self’

It is strange to see how many of us complain,’Am depressed’ and stranger to hear this from class 5 kids!I was travelling in the school bus when one child told his friend,”Am so stressed” and his friend said,”Full depression,da”.This was because they don’t get to play during the week they have tests.We really have to tell children how to articulate their unhappiness.I shall reserve this for a separate post:)

We know that before we tell children anything,it’s best to try out any tip/strategy on our selves.We are creative by nature.Yet we feel overwhelmed,challenged by all the happenings around us.Life need not be complicated.Let’s breathe easy.

Am sharing with you simple tips on taking care by doing something you enjoy. Self care need not be elaborate. If you like to doodle, doodle away. Your intention is not about creating masterpieces, it is about connecting to your inner space. This will keep you grounded and help you regain a sense of balance.

Taking a short,brisk walk,practicing deep breathing for few minutes,sharing a joke with friends,connecting with an old friend or relative,the list is endless.I really believe in journaling. Here’s a sample of what you can create :

Pic by Journal Jotting

Did you check out the posts under Wellness?How about the Resources section?If you are interested in having a session on gratitude journaling,do take a look at this

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