Creative Care

How would it be if we can incorporate small activities that promote self-care in a creative manner? There are plenty of activities that help create a balance. The more I read about chronic illnesses and the stress that children undergo, the more I realize that it is so very important to focus on mental health. We are teachers, parents, adults passionate about education yet we are unable to usher in any revolutionary change. Maybe then, the change has to start from us – within us.

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Build a routine that includes self-care. You can weave in interesting activities into your everyday schedule.

  • Pick up a brush and paint something.
  • Take a pen and write your musings.
  • Write a letter to your friend.
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Potter in the garden
  • Learn a new hobby
  • Meditate with music
  • Plan a surprise for your loved ones
  • Sit in silence and just observe the beauty all around
  • Try making eco-friendly products at home

You can share any of these activities with your students too.

Have a class display board and write down your self-care activity for the week . Ask all the students in your class to write one activity they will take up for that particular week.

Do share your classroom board display – the more we share, the more we learn and the more we help students learn! 

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Pic by journal jotting

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