Simple Affirmations

Simple affirmations can help in giving us a sense of peace when we make this an interesting activity.
I had low back pain and was introspecting about life. Then decided to snap out of this and instead of feeling low, decided to do something easy and enjoyable. Try this and am sure you will experience a feeling of something serene, an energy that’s divine :

Take a notebook with recycled papers or better still, one sided unused and a pencil. Doesn’t this simple act transfer you to your school days?

  • Sit by a window in a comfortable position.
  • Take 5 – 9 deep breaths
  • Look at Nature – it might be the blue skies, water (if you are lucky),trees, garden, flowers, butterflies…anything that is in Nature
  • Jot down any thoughts/quotes that come to your mind
  • Draw a picture alongside your writing – it need not be artistic:) just keep it simple and easy
  • Add colours to your page
  • Close your eyes and feel the sense of peace
  • Pick up any one of your favourite quote or thought
  • Write this down on a different piece of paper and frame it 🙂
  • Or use the sheet as an embellishment on your desk

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