Miniature Rustic Garden

I had done an activity with kids few years ago on picking up natural objects that were fallen on the soil. The activity was thoroughly enjoyable. Here’s the link :

Today we went out on an offbeat path and were struck by the beautiful fare Mother Nature offered us. It seemed so magical, especially since I wanted to go to Lalbagh for our morning walk. We stepped out late and so decided to just walk in our neighborhood. Just a chance turn towards a road led us to this exquisite locality. It was a pleasant and special surprise – a divine blessing that seem to say “Trust Me and I shall lead”. After the walk, I was filled with energy to try out something creative with the seed pods and the dry flowers that I picked up.

Just tried this and was happy with the result. It might seem amateurish and the photos a little crude – but guess it’s the process that makes you happy 🙂

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