Gifting during the Festival season

There are many festivals starting this month where we give small gifts along with the tamboola ( a traditional offering to all , especially ladies).

There’s Varamahalakshmi Festival , followed by the Gowri – Ganesha and then the Navaratri,that is celebrated all over the Country.

You can get creative with gifting.It is important that when you celebrate,you also celebrate and respect earth.
When we give something in plastic,we are insensitive to the earth’s mounting plastic pollution.Today everyone is aware of the perils of plastic that is over used,and thrown away mindlessly.
It is enough if you give tamboola,but if you really want to gift, think of something different.

So what are the alternatives?

a) Start by giving small cotton bags.If you have the time or a tailor who will oblige,you can make these small bags for the tamboola from cloth scraps.

b) Think of a useful gift that is made of earth friendly material – say,from wood or cotton,jute or wool.It can be a small tray,a terracotta set or jute purse, bamboo basket.

c)How about supporting rural or local artisans.When you buy handloom or handmade gifts,you are promoting a rich heritage.

d)Of course,you have obvious choices like gifting a plant,terracotta lamps,clay figurines.

If you feel that buying any of these is expensive,then give a simple bowl made from coconut shells – you can buy these in any Handicrafts Fair.Stainless steel boxes ,plates are always useful.And if you think blouse pieces are useful,you can give these too – packed in brown covers.

Or maybe,soaps / scrubs that are organic and packed in natural material.You can make your own gifts too – sometimes packing sweets made at home in small,cloth pouches or small bottles with a gift tag(and yes,the tags can be from recycled paper too!) are much appreciated!

A little planning goes a long way in making every festival,every event a joyous one!

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