Engaging children at home

How you are spending time together as a family is very important for your well being and that of your family.

It is a very different scenario this year – schools are closed and parents have to spend time with their children and ensure they are happy and active.While not going out would seem daunting for many of us,especially children,here are few ways to keep them engaged with Nature,while at home.

Plan a picnic with your children. If you are lucky, you can do this in the garden or find a space in your home that can double up as a nature nook – it can be a space with windows that open out to Nature. Get creative and recreate a space using mats – anything to have fun during meal times.
The picnic basket can have healthy treats and fruits.

Try pot painting and then make a small garden in your balcony,or even indoors !There are many ideas from mini gardens to terrariums!Have fun browsing together and connect to Nature,from home!
Growing herbs or vegetables that you commonly use is very satisfying.Gardening teaches you life’s lessons – patience and persistence will give you rewards over time.

Teach your child to have a diary – let it have interesting anecdotes.You can create sections with themes,like the five – subjects in one notebook.The themes can be Nature,Humor,Challenges,Solutions,Our World…there are so many themes to select and write!
You can have one dedicated for Observations in Nature.

If you are cleaning up your rooms,you will find few stuff that have not been used or cannot be used.Use those to create your own garden with up cycled  pots!There are resources on creating bird feeders, bird bath with broken clay pots – maybe you can try those!
Rope in interested family and friends,post your works on FB,WhatsApp and inspire others!

Fruit peels have lot of uses.You can make natural cleaners using fruit peels,dry flowers.
Bio enzyme solutions are an easy alternative to all the chemical cleaning agents.

The above activities are all about connecting to Nature and allowing children to experience the joys of creating,growing and feeling responsible for all that they create.
There are other activities that can be a family project like :

  • Learning a new language
  • Learning few traditional dishes
  • Practicing a fun exercise routine
  • Understanding ancient practices like Ayurveda,Yoga etc
  • Playing instruments together

If we step aside from our office roles for few hours and not think about the next task all the time and instead use some time to bond with children,they will feel less insecure and more cheerful.
Do give this a try!

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