Creating a Meditation Space

Everybody’s life is different but we all need a space / method that helps us become calm. There are many who are well advanced into their meditation practice – a good practitioner can call upon the power of imagination to feel calm. But there are many of us who intend to start meditating and feel that we need a room or sufficient space. Many Indian homes do have a Pooja room or space. You might still be looking at something that’s more personal and supports your intention.

Well,you can create a space that is soothing and refreshing even in places where space is a constraint.
Identify your favourite symbol, idol that resonates with your beliefs. Or ,pick up something from Mother Earth when you go out on walks, and make your own Nature table that has all the five elements.Treat this as something sacred, that you would want to look up to for answers, or simply for peace. Keep the space clean. Light a lamp, or a candle. Light few incense sticks. Do this early morning and in the evening. Place a fabric/wooden/jute mat on the floor. Sit on this, facing the space you have created.

Buddha on a small seedpod, placed on  a bark with overarching eucalyptus leaf from a pine cone

This Ganesha was on an invite, now seated on a Java Olive Bean pod.
Blessings wherever you go
Buddha seated on a sandstone pedestal against an Olie bedside lamp

Now that your quaint, little space is ready you can begin meditation. Even a five minute routine does help!

How to start meditation
Gently close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed for the next 10 minutes. Relax and be mindful of your breath, as you slowly inhale and exhale. Thoughts might make you restless. Silently acknowledge and let the thoughts pass by. Play soft, soothing music or mantras to help you with your practice.

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