It is the season for joy, celebration, and gratitude—yet, as we dash from place to place to make it all happen we may find that we also feel mixed emotions, stress, frustration, and more. Navigating the whirlwind of the holiday season in a way that creates peace and joy is indeed possible when we cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and gentle self-care each step of the way.

Experience peace and joy during this holiday season by practicing these 15 tips from Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Master Trilogy programs, Desire and DestinyMiraculous Relationships, and Perfect Health.


1. BREATHE – Create peace in each day. You have the power to pause, observe, breathe, and if supportive – shift your perspective or your plan. Schedule several “Mindful Moments” each day, perhaps set a phone alert or post a reminder note reminding you to stop what you are doing to take three deep cleansing breaths.
2. MOVE – Make time to joyfully move each day. Take a walk, go to a yoga class, or maybe even consider going out dancing. Your body is the sensory interpreter of each moment and situation you experience in life. During times that are hectic and stressful physical movement nourishes your body, mind and spirit.
3. EXPLORE – Take time to connect with the majesty of nature. Go for a walk, watch the sunset, or perhaps spend time noticing the trees in your neighborhood. When you make time to witness the beauty of nature, you are connecting with the grounding energy of the earth and the supportive nature of the heavens.
4. NOURISH – Practice mindful eating. You might be inclined to over-indulge in the many sweets and treats that are so accessible this time of year. Practice tasting the delights of the season without over-doing it. Slow down, pay attention, and savor each bite you take with awareness and gratitude.
5. WITNESS – See the perfection in every moment. If you find yourself feeling pressure or challenge during the holiday season, pause for a moment. Take a deep breath, and then see if you can find the opportunity that is before you. When you give yourself permission to shift your perception, you open to infinite possibility.


6. RELAX – Go with the flow. You can choose to experience life attached to your feelings, ideas, and plans or you can let go, take a deep breath, and just witness life in this moment. When you choose to let go you truly cultivate peace, open to joy, realize your dreams, and possibly discover ones that you never could have imagined.
7. CONNECT – See the divine reflection in others. The pace and pressure of the season can impact how you respond to or perceive those around you. Each moment you have the opportunity to pause and find the way to compassionately connect with others in the spirit of “Namasté” — remembering that the light in me bows to the light in you, together we are one.
8. OPEN – Listen with your heart. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and others, is our undivided attention. Watch your world transform as you sincerely listen to those around you without interruption. In our fast-paced world of multi-tasking this gesture brings peace, joy, and unexpected blessings.
9. LOVE – Create a powerful ripple of love. We cannot change how others act and react, however we can change how we show up and respond in life. During the intensity that can be present during the holiday season practice giving love and compassion. Create a powerful ripple, be love and you will receive love.
10. SHINE – Let the world see your light. Just being you, the real you, is the gift that the world needs. Your part in our global community is valuable. Sing the song that lives in your heart, speak your truth, share your dreams, and practice letting your light shine each day!


11. INSPIRE – Create and share a stress-free version of the holidays. Consider the things about the season that are not working for you. In the place of stillness, open your mind and heart to creative inspiration as you design new ways to celebrate, communicate, share gifts, and connect during the season.
12. APPRECIATE – Express gratitude each day. When your attention is focused on the abundance that is in your life at this very moment, you access gratitude, your ego rests into the present moment and quiets. In gratitude you release struggle from the thoughts of “what could be or ought to be” and rest in the beauty of “what is.”
13. CELEBRATE – Create joy in every moment. Choose to open to the season in ways that are supportive and nourishing. Today, say yes to those things that make you feel joyful. Participate in ways that inspire you and bring you happiness. Seize this moment–say yes to your personal version of holiday celebration!
14. VISION – What do you want? Your life shifts when you reflect on what you truly want. Ask yourself this important soul question each day, listen carefully to the answer that lives in your heart. When you operate from heart-centered awareness, life becomes peaceful and joyful.
15. GIVE – How can I serve? When we offer our gifts, talents, and resources with the intention of supporting and uplifting others we are living in the spirit of service. Take a moment each day to consider how you can make a difference in the lives of others this season. Perhaps share a smile, hold the door for another, or even volunteer your time. As you give you receive.

We celebrate your intention to cultivate peace and joy in your life. As you do so, you create a ripple of love and light that travels out into the world. We encourage you to spend time in the stillness of meditation each day. It is from this quiet place that we access the well of peace, joy, and abundance that lives within. We send you love and light as you navigate through the holiday season. Namasté
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