Life n Living – Part 4

Serene SceneLife’s journey opens up fascinating pathways and travelers along the way. We are fortunate to have met many such travelers. One such wonderful traveler couple is Pankaj and Alka.
Pankaj Tyagi and Alka Tyagi are the perfect hosts. Behind their simple demeanour, is a multi- faceted ebullient persona that charms you.
They are part of the Airbnb network of hosts and weave an experience for their guests like never before! Their property ,La Gardenia Boutique homes is indeed a peaceful retreat amidst Nature.

Pankaj and Alka

Here are some excerpts from the interaction we had with this amazing couple ,who live by doing what they enjoy the most, even as they tread softly on Nature. They have attempted to make this space eco friendly and sustainable.
Pankaj :
“The furniture you see is designed by me from used wood or wood that is considered useless. I wait for the right design that I have in mind to be understood and executed properly and the result is my signature collection of furniture that is unique.”

We then slowly looked around in awe – the furniture was different and greeted us with a warm welcome.
The stand you see below the dining table was there with us for a long time. We decided to give it a new avatar by placing the circular wooden piece that was a little short of the standard dining table. But it doesn’t hamper the dining experience in any way. “

All the construction waste material was used creatively in the process of building this apartment, except for the plaster of paris waste.”
Wood was fashioned into beautiful vases that created an elegant,cozy nook in the drawing room.

His wife, Alka supports him ably in all his efforts and has a charisma of her own.
” I work closely with underprivileged women and teach them to make 30 different types of milk sweets. The training is thorough and every woman feels empowered to become an entrepreneur of her own.”
What about women who want to try a different skill?
I also train women in tailoring and recently we received an order for making quilts from a client. The profit was shared equally by all the women.”
Pankaj and Alka took us to their home, nay, a beautiful haven! When I remarked thus, Alka immediately said “Yes, this place is heaven and we are really blessed”.
Their abode overlooks majestic mountains and their garden is vast, with  space to practice bee keeping, tall trees abound  and birds chirp merrily. A scene of tranquility, nurtured by dollops of care and love by all the family members.
Many of us can experience bliss ,if we choose to. If all the members in a family contribute their time and effort, instead of mindless pursuits, to creating a home that is beautiful, simple and inviting, peace, beauty and prosperity shall abound!

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