Building Confidence

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Sounds grand?But this is what we are doing when we teach!Having the confidence to voice this might be difficult for some of us.How to become more convincing and build confidence?

At Home:

Start your morning with a short prayer.It does set the tone for the day.Not a believer?No problem!Take few deep breaths and stretch your limbs slowly.

In School:

Prior preparation is important.Quickly run through the content and identify the key points that you intend to cover for that particular class.

Use free time by making notes,going through free resources.

Have meaningful conversations with your peers.It is possible that your colleagues also face similar situations in a classroom.Share your experiences

Have a planner to record important school events

Take up additional work and get more involved with students and the school.

Compliment generously and criticize with care – Journal Jotting

Practice self care.Set aside at least fifteen minutes of ‘me’ time.

See this earlier post :

Picture by Journal Jotting

Remember,we are all doing our best.Compliment yourself too on every task done well by your students.

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