Technology ‘n’ Parenting

This is not a classroom activity.However,this totally relates to the classroom scenario that we are facing now.There are so many children with learning disorders,behavioral issues and emotional stress.Young children who have an immense capacity to learn seem to be less receptive to learning.

We are talking about this in our peer circle.There is a decline in students’ imagination and creativity.There is more restlessness and defiance,more distraction and of course,easier access to technology.There are many underlying reasons to this .The foremost is – well,read on….

If you are standing in a queue,travelling by train,dining at a restaurant,you must have observed children ,sometimes infants,hooked on to watching videos or playing games.

The more I see,the more I want to write.I mean, the more I see young parents resorting to technology to keep children happy,the more I want to write about the options available to keep children engaged in a productive way.

Why is using gadgets a bad way to engage children you might ask.

As an educator,this is dismaying.There are significant changes in children’s behavior, in their ability to think and focus.Imagination is limited to what is fed by the virtual world.

Am not an expert,but there are perceptible ,alarming changes happening in young children that will have a sad impact.

And there’s a huge world out there – seemingly innocent apps and games that encourage negative emotions.

How can we alter this?There are many skills that emerge when you are a parent.

When you decide to bring up your child in a relatively tech – free environment,your skills as a a story teller,an artist ,a cook come to the fore as you think of creative ways to nurture a child – Journal Jotting

Few ways to engage children :

–>Have colouring books and colours

Colouring is a good way to engage children


Colourful puzzles

–>Board games

–>Traditional games and Story Telling : Go through the links for stories :




Story telling,reading good books ,playing traditional games are interesting ways to keep children’s imagination alive!

>Cooking with children

->Nature walks

–>Art in Nature

Puppetry and planning a show outdoors is fun!

->Singing along Try playing songs that will catch your child’s interest and then sing along with your child.You will not require any music player once you learn few songs.

Check this out :

>Playing outdoor games

->Family outings

Packing a thoughtful outdoor picnic hamper and sharing with family is fun

Parenting comes with the all important responsibility of nurturing children.The combination of good parents and good teachers will create great citizens – Journal Jotting

Looking for more good resources ?Click on these links :

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