Accepting your self will help you move ahead in every sphere of your life. When you are in a state of acceptance, the way you respond is better.

“Life, after all provides you a chance every moment to get better. Counting your blessings, feeling grateful create a sense of harmony within you” –  journal jotting

Try this activity: choose a glass jar and tie a ribbon around the lid.

Make a label –Blessings jar.

Use one sided paper, handmade paper or bills – any paper that has space to write.

Write the date .Think for few minutes about what made you feel really good. It might be that you cooked a great meal today, a friend called, you had an aha moment in class or an incident made you smile.

When you select a jar and decorate it/label it, you are setting an intention. When you use paper that is scrap, you are mindful of the resource and being earth sensitive. When you think about the happy incidents, you reflect more on the positive and feel grateful for your blessings .Lastly, even if you do not have the time to write in your journal every day, this 2 minute activity will calm you.

Watch this Happiness Jar Video – It will really make your day!!

This link takes you to an interview with the renowned artist of sketchesinstillness

You can try this activity with your students too!!

Blessings Jar
Jar Lid – decorated with a flower
Blessings Jar

Click here,if you have not watched the video :Happiness Jar Video – It will really make your day!!

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