The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

If you interested in education,welcome!Here’s presenting posts that help you and support the growth of your ‘self’.Am a learner like you and I truly believe that when we work on our selves, we connect better with our students.

We work with young minds -we are not just knowledge givers.

We weave values subtly in our role,in our classrooms and create mindful,caring,empathetic citizens of earth.

Let’s work together!

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The posts support your journey.The resources have an outline of few topics that you can carry to your classrooms.

We are here to share our learning and really hope that this is useful to you too.If you are new to teaching,look out for specific posts:)

Here’s a blessing from a wonderful person,Bhagyalakshmi Murali for all the educators in the world!


As you go through your day today, may you know without a shadow of doubt that the Universe does have your back…. always.

May you be totally present in every moment today.

May your awareness help you to make choices that are for the highest good of all.

May you be aware of the incredible strength you have come into the world blessed with.

May you choose to tap into it all the time.

May you allow yourself to be the most resilient YOU that you have ever chosen to be.

May you be able to function in ways that allow you to accomplish everything you require to do, with effortless ease.

May you always choose to remember that you are a cherished gift.

May you choose to take care of yourself in ways that you have never chosen before.

May you have a safe and happy day.

                                                                            Infinite loving gratitude.

                    Bhagyalakshmi Murali

This is the downloadable version of the poster :

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Welcome! If you are interested in education, or an educator yourself, you might find interesting notes and resources. This might strengthen your beliefs or validate your choice. Hope the posts inspire and offer some interesting insights. Join the journey of creating, collaborating and reflecting in this exciting field!

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