Taking the Class Outdoors

Is it possible to step out of the classroom and take a class outside, in natural spaces? Well, the answer is ‘YES’. Our ancient Gurus practiced “Gurukula” way of imparting ‘holistic’ education. And now studies by educators and researchers prove that learning outdoors is very effective and meaningful.

Benefits of conducting a class outdoors

Children respond better, slow down and become more mindful when taken outdoors. With regular outdoor sessions, children become more observant and more receptive. If we can also inculcate good habits and manners into our sessions, children are more likely to listen and comprehend. It might actually be more effective to do this in Nature than trying to teach manners inside a closed classroom space.

“Kids are so starved for nature that you can take them out into a not-very-natural area, give them a lesson without really engaging much with nature, and even this pretty small, pathetic dose helps them function remarkably better.”—Ming Kuo
These two sites elaborate on the same observations : 
Few activities that can be conducted outdoors 
Lower classes
a)Once a week, walking on the ground bare feet and then sitting down
b)Playing with sand/mud/clay
c)Story telling
d)Watching clouds move
e)Answering ” I wonder…….”
Higher classes
a)Sitting in a circle, sitting below a large tree
b)Playing with pebbles – pebble art /making patterns/solving problems
c)Feeling the elements of Nature – use that as a prompt just before beginning your lesson – can be for an English poem or a lesson on humidity in Social Science. Let your creativity flow!!
d)Observe the Golden Ratio in Nature and explain Math concepts – flowers, shells and more.
e)Using natural colors to represent their learning, in the form of illustrations

Adult or child, we learn better in the lap of Nature – journal jotting

Do try this and share your comments below!


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