Easy Craft for children – Madhubani Art

There are so many different ways to keep children engaged and happy. And,there are so many creative people doing just that! To teach children a craft that is unique to India, and making them aware of the country’s sustainable,rich art  is true learning, don’t you think? I have enjoyed my conversations with Ihitashri, founder of MITHILAsmita, an organization that promotes Madhubani artists. I have always felt that students should be encouraged to present their projects using traditional folk art, rather than standard PowerPoint Presentations.So,today am sharing a step-by step tutorial on creating a simple,Madhubani art.

Please check out :  https://artsycraftsymom.com/easy-madhubani-elephant-folk-art
Special thanks to Ms.Shruti for giving me the permission to share this resource.
If some of you take up this activity with your students, do share your experience here (below this post.)

There are some more resources for this activity :

And this one, if you would rather watch a video

Learn and promote native art forms.Children learn to appreciate their culture better and develop a strong connection with Nature as most native art forms use natural colours and  imagery drawn from Nature – journal jotting 

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