Beat Plastic Pollution

Conversations around environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever. I was just telling my students last week that becoming completely  eco-friendly will be the only way out pretty soon.

We cannot be ignorant or indifferent to the challenges that are self made.
In this context, it is also important that those of us who are earth sensitive do not become judgmental and insensitive – journal jotting

Let us start by reducing plastics. You can initiate a conversation with students. The following links might help you  plan better.
Take a look at the section Discussion on the usage of plastic under

Click on this link to view a Presentation I made on Reducing Plastic
The theme for the world environment day 2018 is Beat Plastic Pollution.
Here’s an introductory video :

In our attempts to become earth sensitive, let us also become more kind in our interaction with others. After all, every one is here on a unique journey and we should support each other as much as we can – journal jotting

Additional Resources :

Do share your experience in the classroom in the comments section below.

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