How Teachers in Remote Areas Inspire their Students

A news snippet about a teacher caught my interest. I then went online to read more about this teacher from Ghana – Richard Appiah Akoto. Many schools across the globe do not have access to many facilities that we take for granted. That, however, does not deter good,dedicated  teachers who make use of the blackboard to explain and reach out to every child in the class. It is heartening to note that this teacher has caught the attention of Microsoft too. Read the full article by clicking on the link against the source.


A teacher from Ghana  posted photos of his classroom drawing on a blackboard with colored chalk, the features of a Microsoft Word processing window. The students in his class can also be seen drawing it into their notebooks.
People on social media were impressed and posted comments,praising the work of this teacher.
Richard Appiah Akoto, is working at Betenase M/A Junior High School in the town of Sekyedomase, the last six years. The school does not have computers Yet sudents are expected to write and pass a national exam (without which students cannot progress to high school) with ICT being one of the subjects.
On Facebook, Akoto goes by the nickname “Owura Kwadwo Hottish” which was the name that went viral on both Facebook and Twitter.Quartz reports,” While Akoto has been described as an inspiration for teachers in Africa, what he does is symptomatic of an under-resourced dysfunctional public school system.
Across the continent, many poor parents are forced to choose private schools over free public primary schools due to this lack of resources in government-owned schools. In Ghana, there have also been calls for a national conversation about a fairer distribution of educational resources as many rural schools like Betenase struggle with infrastructure and teaching logistics challenges”.

I am sure there are many more who go the extra mile to reach out to students.Stories like these should inspire us too.Do share your story with us!!Your story might be the motivation for someone like you,you never know….

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