Why do Teachers Come to School Everyday?

There are many reasons why we go to school.One student who passed out of school asked me ,”Doesn’t a teacher’s job get monotonous?”.This is not the first time this question has been asked.I answered,”The subject might be the same,but every year we deal with a different set of students.This makes the job lively and interesting!” – this was the same response I have been giving ex- students I meet,on the roads,at the super market,in my neighborhood.

This set me thinking – why do we come to school everyday?I mean,children have to come to school – but what are the reasons why we come to school?

Motivation : The job calls for self -motivation – dollops of it.If you cannot motivate your self,you are less likely to motivate others.
Energy : Don’t you feel a rush of energy when you are with children,full of enthusiasm?I do get this adrenaline rush when children talk to me about their ideas and projects.Hang on! the opposite is also true – when children are noisy and distracted,you feel all drained out too.
Creativity : Teachers double up as actors,story tellers,knowledge experts among other roles.If there’s a task / topic that sounds difficult,you try to make that simple.You ARE naturally creative.
The most important reason is of course,what we all believe in – that we are making a difference to that one child who looks at you with reverence,that child who considers you a role model,to that child who has gained confidence to make the world a better place – because of what you said,what you believed. – journal jotting


An educator’s influence never wears out – education shapes the transformation of society.When you read this post,you might consider this idealistic – yet,you need these ideals to keep you going and experience the world of the young all your life! – journal jotting

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