Encouraging Children to Play with Natural Materials

We have never lost our innate ability to connect to Nature and natural materials.This ability is instinctive but is masked by the veil of urban clutter and we begin to think that all that is packaged well is what is good for us.When we were kids,we used to play outdoors all vacation,Playing with soil – making temples with steps using sand,making small kitchen vessels “chhoppu” as we called it were all part of the creative-play – fun – outdoors.
Recently I read this article : http://www.culturalindia.net/indian-crafts/clay-toys.html and felt that we should introduce this to children now. Rather than play-doh, we can use clay that is safe and helps children connect to nature.

Having children play in sand, safe rivers or streams, in the rain open up their senses to nature and the wonders of nature.

Children can be encouraged to use pebbles, twigs, soil to play.

Using natural materials and playing outdoors definitely contribute to a child’s physical and emotional well being.-journal jotting

There’s a separate post on why spend time outdoors, as adults and as children.

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2 thoughts on “Encouraging Children to Play with Natural Materials

  1. How true ….. we so miss those early days of childhood where there were no gadgets, no fancy TV's and no pressure to have themed things. These simple things are a thing of the past to many. Wish we could all relive those memories by teaching children the joy via simple things, connecting with nature and cherishing it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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