Does it make Sense to work in Teams?

Why Team Work?Why Collaboration?

Earlier knowledge was viewed as a commodity that should /need not be shared. Many erudite people felt that knowledge empowered them and so they had to hold on to what they know and build on that knowledge. With the advent of technology tools, the scene now  has undergone a rapid and massive transformation.
Search engines are available and no ‘one’ person can stake claim to all the knowledge that is available in the virtual world.

This has changed the way we work and think. Collaboration, not competition is the way forward.
When we work with children, it is imperative that we insist on team work and sharing of skills.

A project that is done by a team of students is more effective than an individual project. Adults too must encourage their children to share, learn and create something new.

Many parents want children to be competitive – yes, but against whom? Competition should only mean that you are competing with your ‘self’ – are you a better learner than you were yesterday?

In Nature, birds and bees, plants and trees work in unison that creates a sense of balance and helps every creation to fulfill their task effectively. There is still a lot to discover /unravel in Nature and understand how Nature works.Consider the migration of birds like the geese.It is believed that as individual birds, it is extremely difficult for these birds to migrate. As a flock, all birds are able to fly to the destination. The V – formation helps minimize the wind resistance. Every bird in the flock can lead the group.
Scientists have observed that when geese fly in this formation, each bird flapping its wings creates an uplift for the bird that follows. Together the whole flock can fly much farther than if they fly alone.This  is  synergy!!

There are many articles on teamwork in Nature. There are many management gurus taking lessons from Nature and incorporating these in leadership sessions.
See this :

What you invest in today, will be your achievement tomorrow. What you learn as a team today, will help the society thrive tomorrow. – journal jotting

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