How do we manage Time as Educators??

Efficient use of time fuels enthusiasm.
Time, a man made tool can be productive depending on the individual.Can we maximize time? As educators,there’s a constant demand on us to keep pace with students’ energy. There are days when we are exhausted, physically and mentally to do anything worth while. We feel listless. This is normal and we need to acknowledge this in children too. There are days when children feel listless and tired.Read this post and try telling this to your students too – it will work!
There are weeks when we work six days. This might be taxing on some of us, especially when children are young or you have elderly people at home.One way to keep up your energy levels is to throw in an activity,say on a Wednesday evening.This activity must be something that you really look forward to – meeting an old friend, taking a walk by your self, listening to your favourite numbers – anything that energizes you for the remaining three days at work.

Like children, we need to schedule activities that we enjoy the most in our daily routines – journal jotting

Life need not be mundane.
Five tips that might work to help you become more productive as a person( I try a combination of these or any one activity per day ):1.A simple deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes after you wake up
2.A short nap after you get back home
3.Playing,walking or any mild exercise for 10 minutes
4.Spending few minutes in silence will help declutter the mind
5.Choosing to read positive news, quotes over the regular media fare

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Click on the  link to look at technology that aids in managing time – right from staying focused to managing all passwords in one place  :

Get efficient – get time to spend on things you enjoy 🙂

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