Habits make Teachers’ Life a Little Easy

And,habits instill a sense of discipline and purpose in life. We emphasize on student’s habits and expect every child to develop good habits.
Let’s take a moment to examine our habits. How have our habits evolved? How did we decide which habit worked and which one did not?

When we teach, most of us become the role models for young minds. It is important to develop healthy habits that give us the energy and motivation to facilitate better learning – journal jotting

There are many helpful articles about changing habits to become successful. Success can be viewed with different lenses, depending on individual definitions.
Let’s try answering these questions first:
·         What are the skills you want to learn?
·         What are the habits you want to change?
·         What are the habits you wish you did not have?
For instance, you might want to learn painting. You might want to get up early. You wish you did not lose your temper.
Keep the answers simple and start working on each of this NOW and every day, for a week. You will feel better by the end of the week!
There are some very good resources available on this topic:
And  here are few apps that you can download :
Habitizer is an application that helps you build new healthy habits and start keeping a healthy lifestyle. It is a convenient tool to help you replace bad habits and risks with fitness, diet and a better quality of life.
HabitBull (Android)
This is a tool to increase productivity by changing habits and is available on Google Play store
Way of Life (iOS)
 Way of Life tracks your habits in every way possible: line, bar, pie, you name it. Tag and share goals, export to a spreadsheet!

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