Gratitude Journaling

Attitude of Gratitude

We want to do too many things in one day. Our mornings are super busy.

How do we ensure that we are cheerful every day? Is this even possible? We play ,nay juggle with multiple roles – breakfast has to be made, lunch boxes should be packed and we should get ready and reach the school on time. Can we pack in yoga/meditation into our crazy schedules? Especially, when we step out at 7 am?

I am an educator( I prefer the word  educator rather than teacher 🙂 as the definition of teacher has evolved )and I have to catch my bus at 7:00 am. I was trying and was partially successful to pack in fifteen minutes into my morning routine. So was just wondering if there was anything that I could do to make me feel at peace even as I began the day. I stumbled upon gratitude journaling. This seemed simple and I have started observing people who have been kind to me. The days when I am not able to write, I think about the numerous blessings as I travel by the school bus in the morning.

When you do this regularly, you begin to realize how fortunate and privileged you are! And when you enter a classroom, you bring in confidence and create a positive atmosphere.

There are many options to write an online gratitude journal by downloading an app, or maintaining a gratitude journal.
Check out these options :

This has a template for you to write – you can print these pages or make your own on recycled paper

2. An online app for iPhone users that is available on App store for nominal charges.

There are plenty of gratitude journals available in Amazon

These can be printed on recycled paper
5.You can always use old notebooks and doodle or add pictures to make your journal interesting.

Do not treat writing a gratitude journal as a chore. It should be done in a meditative manner, savoring all the pleasant memories and people. Write about people and experiences, rather than materialistic things – journal jotting

Grateful to all of you for reading this post…try this 🙂

Do take a look at this link that shows you different ways of practicing gratitude :

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